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Welcome to the music section…  the login requirement is an attempt to stop the crawlers indexing my site.

I want to spread the Soul word.. I want people to be able to sample this fantastic genre of music to help them decide what records to buy or what compilation CD’s they want to purchase. As you can appreciate, these music files are only a sample… the quality is very compressed and low so if you like what you hear, go buy the record or the CD. I can quite happily advise where to buy either.

Please understand that the music on this site is presented solely for entertainment purposes, The original copyright for the music still exists for many of the tunes no doubt and is the possession of the appropriate record company. Any download must be removed from your hard drive within 24 hours.No music must be used for inclusion in any form of compilation CD or tape without the record company approval. I’m just a vessel for your enlightenment and soulful voyage.

Today I feel … Moody Woman

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