A New Tattoo!


My new tattooAlthough I’d gone to Poole with a view to undertaking a new piercing on the back of my neck the piercer wasn’t working so I got a tattoo instead.

I’ll still get the piercing but I must confess, I’m rather loving my new artwork!

A few nice purchases from tReds and Animal I hereby declare my shopping trip a success. Well, normally I hate shopping but today I really enjoyed it! The worm has turned! :D

PS:  It didn’t hurt at all.

Edit: Here’s the bling…

A skin diver and a surface bar below.  This will be my last tattoo and last piercings!


PPS: Ouch, they hurt!

3 thoughts on “A New Tattoo!

  1. I lied, I just got another tattoo… however, I did remove the surface bar, it was too busy and detracted from the tattoo… diver’s still there though… wonder how you’d get those out anyway? :lol:

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